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Dienstag, 17. September 2019


BUSINESS WIRE: RoboSense and Aidrivers Announce a Partnership to Deliver Superior Autonomous Solutions for Industrial Transportation

22.08.2019, 16:55 Uhr


SHENZHEN, China & LONDON --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 22.08.2019 --

RoboSense, the leading supplier of LiDAR perception system solutions, and Aidrivers, the UK's leading provider of autonomous mobility solutions for industrial applications announced today a partnership in system integration. Aidrivers will integrate RoboSense Smart LiDAR Sensor System into their own Autonomous Driving Systems.

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Aidrivers is delivering a fully autonomous natural navigation system that meets industrial safety standards to seaports, particularly for horizontal transportation, aimed for improving operation efficiency and leading the way in industrial autonomous mobility automation. Their solution can work under all harsh weather conditions by achieving true 3D mapping and localization for precision positioning and situation cognisance and they are using RoboSense 3D LiDAR sensor technology, which collects stable and reliable environment information at near and far distance and under different weather conditions.

"The performance of RoboSense 3D LiDAR products in harsh weather condition is impressive. We have been testing trailer vehicles under heavy rain and harsh weather conditions and our precision positioning system based on true 3D mapping and localization systems provides accurate localization result. The point cloud data quality in rainy days is excellent and outperforming state of the art." Aidrivers founder and CEO Dr. Rafiq Swash said, "Aidrivers is dedicated to providing safer, reliable and high-quality Ai enabled autonomous mobility solutions for industrial transportation, and the partnership with RoboSense will give a great confidence to our end users that we are providing autonomous solutions which overcome current challenges of industrial horizontal transportation. Our Ai enabled autonomous solutions are now catering to more industrial transportation industries for both indoor and outdoor in complex environment and weather conditions."


As one of the pioneer companies to commercialize autonomous driving technology in UK, Aidrivers has been favored by industry giants in the field of autonomous port automation. Aidrivers is deploying a fleet of autonomous prime movers for the world's leading and busiest port terminals. Aidrivers and SANY have recently partnered to deliver autonomous electric vehicles, specifically industrial horizontal transport solutions, for the Chinese market.

Video about Aidrivers and SANY's vehicle :

In these projects, the AI enabled autonomous mobility solutions provided by Aidrivers use RoboSense's 3D LiDARs to collect rich and reliable environment perception data, conduct real-time accurate 3D object detection and tracking. Aidrivers is leading the situation cognisance with AI enabled data fusion to deliver a safer and reliable autonomous driving solutions for complex trailer vehicles under harsh weather.

"Aidrivers is driving the commercialization of autonomous driving technology for industrial transportation on a global scale. RoboSense is very pleased to collaborate with Aidrivers to build safer and robust autonomous driving solutions for major port terminals, and push for the commercialization of this technology." RoboSense Co-founder and COO, Mark said, "Through in-depth cooperation with Aidrivers, RoboSense will continue to explore and understand the needs of industrial automation, and together with our partners, we will optimize and launch more practical LiDAR perception systems from the application perspective."

RoboSense's LiDAR sensors, AI Perception Algorithms and Smart LiDAR Sensor System are widely used in various types of autonomous driving scenarios. Currently, RoboSenses partners covers the world's major autonomous driving technology companies, automotive OEMs, and Tier 1 suppliers. RoboSense has always striven to optimize product performance and reliability to help autonomous driving vehicles to better cope with harsh environments and extreme conditions.

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